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I'm trying to figure out a fun party for my probably final PoE playthrough. Only thing set in stone is that I want to include the three WM companions in my party. Also my main is mostly likely going to be a cipher, but this could still change.


At the moment I'm thinking of using Zahua as my main tank. Don't really know how viable that is though. And rest of the party would be Maneha (ot/dps), Devil (dps), cipher (cc/ ranged dps), Durance, and Aloth. I'd like to replace Aloth and Durance with other characters, but both priest and wizard seem pretty essential to me.

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I think that party is ok. Priest and Wizard are really good. But if you want to replace, have Hiravias and someone with high lore and you should be all right.


When I played the WM for the first time I had my MC Paladin, Maneha, Zahua, Hiravias, Devil and Kana. Hiravias and scrolls did what I'd do with a Wizard or Priest. ;)


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