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[3.0.1] duplicate matakau from kuaro bounty fight



This may be intended behavior, but upon killing Kuaro, I got a Matakau as part of the loot.


Thing is, Matakau is also something I start with as a pre-purchase bonus.


Now, this may be intentional, because I either sold my Matakau or it may be on a character not in my party, so maybe this is an intended optional drop if you don't actively already have Matakau in your inventory so that people who didn't pre-purchase the game can still have access to Matakau. 


But reporting just in case.


Attached screenshot of Matakau reward:



Dropbox link to output_log and save before and after fight: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/zt34zg4sgr1330c/AACbp2kT2nvTnfZ0rtwt9kIza?dl=0

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Hey Thelee!


I'm pretty sure this is a bug.  I created a bug report with all the data you've graciously provided and gave it to the QA and Systems Design teams to investigate.  If you discover anything else about this or any other Fig backer items, please let us know!


Thanks again for all the help!

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Hey Thelee,


I just wanted to be sure that none of your companions in or out of party who may have been wielding the axe died during that combat as their equipment would have been added to that loot list so it would't be lost.



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