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A couple of minor bugs



1st: lake in SE corner of map is not marked as impassible so you can cross it on foot

2nd: for a while now I haven't been able to see the top line of text properly on anyone's character sheet, as if the pane doesn't scroll quite far enough upwards.


Omitting any other details as these seem pretty harmless and not too involved! Let me know if you need more :)





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Hey Bargoed!


Thank you for reporting these bugs to us!  Fortunately AndreaColombo let us know that the Character Sheet is being cut off again, so we have that assigned to the Programming team to fix.  I do not have the lack of collision for the lake bugged however, so I'll be putting that in right now :)  If you find anything else, please continue to post about them in the forums!


Thanks again for the help Bargoed!

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