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[v3.0.1.0026] Money issue


After last patch I've lost all my coins to number 1. I can't really say how much there is was, but ~1000 (minimum) is for sure.

To fix that problem in a normal way, I've travelled to the merchant on Crookspur and sold to him trash for 17214, but he gaves me only 14,714. I've been thinking that he was upset about killing his fellows slave-traders (-5 reputation) and loaded the game for a little experiment. On Dunnage (+5 reputation with pirates) was the same story - 20533 instead 22333.

Is that normal? Maybe I haven't been noticing before, that they all takes some %.


(oh, I think I figure that out by myself. Sorry)

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Hello Ashtery,


In terms of losing money, the only bug I'm aware of related to losing money spontaneously is the Daily Wage bug, where when you load the game on the World Map, there is a chance that it will charge you an excessive amount of Daily Wages for Crew members.  The workaround until the fix is released is to reload the save and you should not get charged.


In regards to buying and selling from vendors.  They can have a positive, neutral, or negative opinion of you depending on the choices you made and that will display in the "Discount on Items" section of the UI.  If the percentage being added or subtracted is not matching up, please let me know and send us a copy of your save file where this is occurring so we can have the team investigate the issue for you.  If needed, you can find instructions on where to obtain the save file here.  You can either provide a link to your save file via Dropbox or you may attach it to an email for us at support@obsidian.net. If you do email us, please link this post and mention your forum username so that we may identify you easily.


Thanks and sorry about the inconvenience you've had.

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