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In order to be affected by increased power levels for spells and abilities, does it have to have the keyword in the description? For instance, I know that an item that gives + Fire Power Level will work with Flames of Devotion for sure because it has the keyword Fire in the description, but does the chanter invocation that deals shock damage improve with an item that gives + All Electricity Power Levels even though it doesn't say electricity in the keywords (just says Chanter Invocations)? I would just like some clarity on how to determine what affects what. Thanks!


Edit: Okay, I found out that it increase power level does work on chanter invocations even when it does not have a keyword for that elemental power level. Tested using Deltro's Cage and Thrice She Was Wronged, Thrice Justly Avenged. So, if anyone was wondering, this likely means any kind of spell/ability damage is impacted by this even if it doesn't have the keywords.

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