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How to make certain MultiClass-Combos incompatible?

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My goal: I want to make the Shifter SubClass incompatible with Paladins and Chanters.


Therefore i used the Character Tables and copied the Class ID`s into the field "IncompatibleWithIDs":[].


The problems i am facing with this approach are:

1. ClassID´s for some reason do not work so the class is still shown during character creation.

2. SubClassID´s remove the specific buttons but i can still click on so the Paladin or Chanter is created without a SubClass.


Is there any way to remove the Class- and SubClass-Combos for real? How?


Thanks for your help!! :yes:

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The problem here, from a coding perspective, is that you can't control which class the player chooses first during character creation. So, there are probably not hard coded functions to limit a class based upon another class.


I do think implementing this restriction is possible, but it will probably involve a fair amount of work. I'm also not exactly sure how you'd go about that work yet either.


If, ultimately, certain class options cannot be restricted, then another approach is to gimp that restricted class so that there's not motivation to select it.

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