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Show qualifiers... but only in NPC responses?

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I don't like seeing the quailifiers in general, because I tend to gravitate towards the answer with the highest skill requirement, assuming that it's the best option. It's messing with my roleplaying.


However, I do like seeing people react differently to my disposition or reputation, so I've been wondering if there are any mods that make the qualifiers only appear while NPCs are talking to you, but not when you're choosing a dialogue option.


Alternatively I'd be also happy with a mod that hides qualifiers, but only for attributes, since the rest isn't as distracting.


Also, if it's something easy to change, I don't even need a mod - just point me in the general direction of the files I need to edit.


Thank you in advance!

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If you have put a tick on the expert mode option when you started the game, qualifiers will not show anymore.


If you have already started a new run of the game, I think there is some console command for turning on expert mode since you can not turn expert mode on after starting the run. There is a console command page https://pillarsofeternity.gamepedia.com/Console_command

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