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[Possible bug] Enchants on blackened plate armor not working together !


I have enchanted both the "Ushers visage" and  "Death in life" auras on the Blackened plate armor and yet during combat the only one visible on the enemy status bar is ushers visage !   I 


I tried testing them in combat separately on a different save and they worked fine on their own, and then when i added both of them, they appeared on the status bar. My guess is that this only happens when you add both enchants at once !

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Hey Stormer!


I tested this in the Patch Beta branch which I believe is releasing to the public tomorrow.  When using the enchanted Blackened Plate armor with the enchants on that branch, both status effects appeared on enemy status windows, so this should be fixed as of v2.1.0.  If you notice this still not working for you once you've updated, please let me know and I will ask the Systems Design team to investigate further.


Thanks for the heads up!

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