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A problem with voices of hired adventurers



Hello, if anyone could help me i would be grateful.



What things should be: (Like it happens in DnD and PoE1 )


- if i click on one of my characters, he/she talks ( like " Hei", " Yes?" and so on...)


- if i tell a character to move / attack , he/she should always talks.



Instead, what i get is:



Silence. Main char and hirelings talks like only 1 time per 50-60 clicks or orders i give them.


It's a bit immersion breacking, it's like having a mute party.






What i humbly ask you all is if there is a way to fix this. I want all my characters to say something every single time i click on them.


But i see no option to increase this. It's like the game has set these kind of banters to barely minimum.

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Hello Matteo,


I'm sorry the party is a bit quieter this time around.  I have put in a request to the team to consider adding a slider in the sound options that allows people to adjust the frequency of reactive voice over.  Hopefully they can add this into the game for you :)


Thank you for bringing this to our attention!


*Edit:* Apparently this is something they are very strongly considering to the point that it's already being worked on :)

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