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How do I use Shalelu Andosano

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Shalelu is an archer (probably ranger), so the bonus applies only for Ranged combat. That is, Bows, crossbows, darts, daggers and such. As the weapons should add their own traits (in those cases including Ranged) to a combat check, Shalelu should be usable. But take care, because her use can change the check from Combat (Dexterity) to Combat (Ranged) even if you do not have Ranged skill. E.g. for Merisiel, this changes the check from 1d12 + Dex_bonus + Weapon_bonus + Shalelu_1d4 to 1d4 + Weapon_bonus + Shalelu_1d4.


If you cannot use Shalelu with ranged weapons, there is something weird - don't forget that one character may use only one card of one particular type per check.

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