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Hi, I'm playing the latest Steam version and I've purchased the Season Pass which means I have all the DLC.


I would like to report 2 bugs:

1. Missing Strings found on some items aboard the Deck of Many Things Captain's Inventory (see attached screens)

2. Dragonwing Sails went missing after I purchased and equipped them. I accidentally equipped the Trollskin Sails after, and the Dragonwings disappeared. The save file is too large to upload here, please advise if you need it.Thank you.


Thank you for your kind attention.



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Hey Daelanis,


I'm sorry to hear about the problems arising during your playthrough.  I have the missing strings bugged in our database, but I'm more interested in the disappearing sails that you paid for and no longer have.  If you could send me a save file from before the purchase(if you happen to have it) and another from after, that would be most appreciative.  Once I have those, we can take a look into the issues with a more hands on approach.  You can either provide a link to your files via Dropbox or you may attach them to an email for us at support@obsidian.net. If you do email us, please link this post and mention your forum username so that we may identify you easily.


Thank you so much for the help, and sorry for the inconvenience this has caused.

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