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Gonna be streaming Magran's Fires Berath & Magran's Challenges. I will usually stream between 3pm - 11 pm CEST. 


The challenges are:


Berath's Challenge:

  • Any party member Knocked Out for 6 seconds is Killed
  • Cannot flee from combat

Magran's Challenge:

  • The game cannot be paused
  • The game time cannot be slowed

In addition the challenges force you to go PoTD & Upscaling.



Party Composition:


  • Devoted/Skald
  • Bleak Walker/Streetfighter
  • Priest of Eothas
  • Evoker Wizard
  • Devoted/Assassin

Playthrough will be uploaded to my youtube channel once I'm done. Eventually I will make Build Guides for my each individual party member.


Channel links:


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