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Game freezes randomly but it runs in the background and some bugs encountered


The game freezes ever so often during play ( more so during combat pausing and un-pausing), but I can still hear the audio and conversation happening in the background. If I alt-tab out of it , it turns into a black screen with the pointer.This has been occurring since launch and has plagued my recent play through of the BOW.


Instances when the crashes occured:

1] 9/10 during combat pausing

2] randomly during a scripted in-game cutscene( eg in the last fight when the auroch smashes the ice)

3] Randomly anytime.

4] Level up screen.




Bugs I have encountered so far :

1] Aloth and eder banter loops on after every rest session always

save game : https://www.dropbox.com/s/ifnizmf4tlgq031/Caroline%20%2854ebb213-ae2d-44f4-83ee-4b7cd0bea2e5%29%20%28LAX-2ABCDE%29%20quicksave.savegame?dl=0

2] Retrained Vatnir but unable to finish level up as clicking next doesn't progress the screen, couldn't cancel it either. Same save file as above.

3] Hidden object detected but not highlighted or unclickable in the temple ( beast of winter )

4] Some of the abilities( passives mostly) doesn't show up in the character sheet, especially those added by the deck DLC

5] Certain trap are detected but unable to be interacted with( one in the area with Waidwen)

6] The Eder quest has been completed already but the ship can still be encountered and the quest somehow continues again as if I failed to catch up to it. Save game : https://www.dropbox.com/s/6t7aapumuucniny/Rennata%20Dubois%20%2835c7a481-9faf-46a4-839e-f22c3e580802%29%20%28LAX-2ABCDE%29%20quicksave.savegame?dl=0

7] After deciding the fate of Waidwen in BOW, he is still interactable and the choices can be altered.


Well.. thats all I remember.

Thanks and regards,


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Sorry for the delay rsnix!


Due to the nature of the amount of bugs you're reporting it took a bit longer to research and add them to our system.  Thank you so much for putting this together for us and for supplying us with the saves needed to reproduce and see these bugs!  Keep an eye on the forum patch notes to see when these fixes are implemented in the upcoming patches.  If you run into any other issues, by all means, please continue to let us know!


Sorry for the inconveniences these may have caused and thanks again for reporting them!

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