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Where can you find them?


IIRC, in chests/containers in those initially inaccessible areas in The Shattered Passage.  You can reach two of them by using Waidwen's Sundial, and the other by using Betrayal when talking to the Kuaru Spirit guarding the non-existent bridge in the NW corner (it's a dialogue option in this case).




Misremembered slightly.


One Void Shard is in a chest to the west of Rynhaedr

One Void Shard is in a chest past the Kuara Spirit.  You need to use the Water Switch near The Drowned Kingdom portal to approach the Spirit and need Betrayal to get the bridge to form to get the chest.

One Void Shard is in a chest nearish the gate to The Endless Queries that is blocked by some water.  Using Waidwen's Sundial in the sunbeam near it will cause a Water Switch to pop into existence, which in turn lowers the water so the chest can be opened.


Cheers. Three's the maximum?


Old post, but for those coming across the thread now, yes, three is the max.

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