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Prince Aruihi's branching dialog options - incorrect player choice detected



Hi guys,


My goodness, I can't believe I'll be completing this game soon. It's so amazing!!! What will I play when I'm done?!


Anyways, sorry, a quick bug to report:



After blowing up the Powderhouse in Neketaka my team reports back to the Kahanga Palace to attend the hearing. It's Director Alvari who's being sentenced - which is correct, as in my playthrough Director Castol has already been sent away to the Living Lands for his crimes against the VTC. Queen Onekaza sentences Director Alvari to life in the Gullet. All good.


But after that scene, when I approach Prince Aruihi, he says: "The look on Castol's face when Berath's chosen sent him to his just end!". This should read: "The look on Alvari's face when Berath's chosen sent her to her just end!".


Many thanks for the awesome game, guys!

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Hi paweldaruk,


Thanks for posting about Prince Aruihi's dialogue when Alvari is the one who has been sentenced. I'll add your issue to our database for our developers to investigate. In the meantime, could you please provide us with your save file before Queen Onekaza sentences Director Alvari?



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