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First Time Player - Help with Equipment

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Got frustrated with patches always changing things when I was trying to learn to play, so I'm just now giving Pillars a proper go. That said, it's been getting more fun as I go. However, I'm running into the issue of not knowing how to gear my party.

Currently I've got:

Pallegina rocking Sun-Touched Mail, a pair of good pistols, and Lilith's Shawl.

Eder rocking the Sword of Daenysis, March Steel Dagger, Fulvano's Gloves, Minor Cloak of Protection, Minor Ring of Deflection, Sanguine Plate, and The Pilgrim's Lasting Vigil.

MC Barbarian (I regret this choice) rocking Cloak of Comfort, Ring of Overseeing, Minor Ring of Deflection, Fulvano's Boots, Rundl's Finery. (Using Novice's Suffering as weapon of choice.)

Kana using Fine Plate, Gaun's Pledge, Gaun's Share, Ilfan Byrngar's Solace, Amulet of Health, Kana's Turban and the figurines I've acquired.

Grieving Mother using Forgemaster's Gloves, Belt of the Royal Deadfire Cannoneer, Amulet of Health, Footpad's Hood, Jack of Wide Waters, and Drake's Bell as a back-up.

- and Durance with Aru-Brekr, Nidhen's Finger, and Gyrd Haewanes Stenes. (I have no idea what to do with him.)

I know I want Pallegina to get The Flames of Fair Rhîan, but beyond that...  :shrugz: 

I recognize a lot of these guys are severely lacking in gear, and it's holding them back. I'd really appreciate any suggestions as to what I should put on them all.

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Why? Gear seems to be fine. Which level?

Pallegina with Sun-Touched Mail etc. is nice. You can give her a cloak of minor Missiles as well and skill her for ranged burst damage with Wrath of the Five Suns etc.

Your Edér is build for speed and has two of the best weapon for that. Just enchantment/upgrade them.

Barbarian with Novice's Suffering is ok, the fists just don't work with most dps-enhancing gear and talents/abilities. Basically you want to boost MIG as high as possible (items, Frenzy, Greater Frenzy) and wear the Sandals of the Forgotten Friar (White March). You wouldn't surely regret taking him if you'd give him the Belt of the Royal Deadfire Cannoneer (merchant in Anslög's Compass) and Forgemaster Gloves and take Frenzy, Bloodlust and most importantly Blood Thirst. It's a most awesome synergy between dmg per hit and skipped recovery and so much fun. Going the Doemenel route is best then, but not mandatory. But pick Two Handed Style and Scion of Flame as well as One Stands Alone as well.

Durance: he's there for buffing, not showing off gear or doing auto-attack. Give him everything that makes him a faster caster (+DEX) and boosts INT. He is also a great damage dealer later on (with spells). Give him Inspiring Radiance (one of the best talents in he game) and use Devotions for the Faithful. This gives all your chars +30 accuracy for their first actions (once Radiance wears off still +20) and they will wreck things.

In general: enchant your weapons with elemental lashes asap.

Spread your figurines over all party members. That way you can have more than one summon active at the same time.

I can see no items from expansions/DLCs. There's some awesome stuff in the White March I and II and the Deadfire Pack. Those are expansion that weave quests into the main story line - it's not taking place after PoE - so all the items you find there can be used in the main-game-part as well.

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Thank you so much for the reply!

Grieving Mother has the Firebrand items.

I have done some things to improve my party's gear since. I need to learn about enchanting.

I guess I'm just used to games where every slot empty is a wasted slot, and it's better to have something on than not.

Should I be giving Eder cold damage since my party has so much fire presently?

Other than the WM boots, what do I put on my Barb'? They're the one I'm the most at a loss to gear. Currently they seem to be good for hitting things and eating dirt. I mean, I know she's a dwarf, but I don't think dwarves work like Artemis Fowl in this setting.

I did some wiki-reading, so I have a few more items now. Amulet of Summer Solstice and Lead Spitter on Pallegina, Sanguine Plate on Eder, Fulvano's Amulet on Kana, etc.

I guess I could narrow it down to: what do I need to do on the MC barbarian (other than the Sandals of the Forgotten Friar), and should I be putting Durance in heavier armor or going light?

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