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Hey guys,


Can someone tell me the maximum bonus you can get to party assist and whether it's per companion or across all companions? I'm assuming that you can't get a total of +20 from it, because then you could just keep going back to the tavern and respec every time you needed to pass a particular check. Furthermore, how many points do you need in a particular skill to get each point? I'm assuming it's divisible by two, rounded down... 


If that's the case, it kind of makes sense to have a party with a bunch of skills that they're 4, 2, 2, 2 on... but then the companions don't ever really excel in anything, so the Watcher can't use them if they're lacking needed skills - like Athletics for a Cipher/Rogue for example (Curse you, Athletics. Curse yoooooou). 



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Deadfire skill check catalogue right here!

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