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Hmm, no replies.

I guess too open question, we need to narrow it down to get an answer closer to what you need. But I am sooo booored today so I will try to cover most possibilities...



You play a very support-heavy class. So i would suggest you to gather good targets for your buffs.
Devotion of the Faithful etc. makes every front-liner more capable.

Phrases makes them more durable so they can chose more offensive gear. Dual-wield instead of 1h+shield.

Incantations, the armor breaking I found really useful, refreshes on hits, really low-maintenance.

Ogres and the weapon summon are very effective. The Drake felt a lot weaker. So did the dragon, so no loss there for a multi-class Chanter compared to a pure.


Hanging sepulcher specific:

Some of the skeletons are immune to Pierce, but have quite low Blunt/Crush armor. So use Maces/Scepters/Quarterstaves.



Party setup: Companions only?

I would go with:


Trusty old Eder always works as a tank. (Mirke, Rekke, Palegina are decent substitutes)

Aloth, provides Blind debuff. It is a huge game-changer and comes early. Pulsating spells have more chances to hit.

Maia, will love you for the faster reload Phrase. Her shot that dispel warrior's/mage's buffs, is quite handy later in the game. Imho, Birdy needs minimum armor, penetration, Takedown to be a decent offtank.

Seraphen, cipher brings more debuffs. Mental Binding, Secret Horrors + Pain Blocks is all you need and more.


If you need more healing I guess you can use Tekehu or Palegina,(if you can stand either of those two personalities)



Party setup: hired Mercenaries?


This is what gives such high replay value to BG2 and PoE1&2, the huge amount of different thematic builds and allow you to play around with, and with 5-6 custom characters the possibilities are endless.

Add some nice RP backstories that tie these odd-balls together and you are good to go.


Ex. current playthrough:

Paladin(shield)/Wizard - Watcher, Tank/Debuffer

Ascetic (Shifter/Helwalker) - Offtank/debuffer/healer  (fyi: +50% dmg taken is not a good trait for an offtank on PotD )

Troubadour - Buffs/Debuffs/Summons

Mystic(Wael/Beguiler) - Buffs/Debuffs/healer

Marauder(no sub-class) - Gets mad and hits things.(requires a lot of babysitting)


Ex 2. previous playthrough:

Paladin(Way)/Unbroken, Crusader - Watcher, Tank/Dmg

Helwalker - Offtank/Dmg

Cleric of Wael - Buff/Offtank

plain Wizard - Debuff/Dmg

plain Rogue - This class needs no sub-class to be terrifying...



And neither of any of my ramble would attempt to be "the best". But even if I would have changed a few sub-classes here and there in hind sight for my own parties, it still worked out in the end.

For me, as long as it works, Fun builds are more Fun to play, than builds that are "optimal/best/ultimate/pro...".

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