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Hi all, new player and forum lurker. 

I really like using rods, and how the model allows for more targets, but I'm not sure how to best utilise this weapon, and I'm not sure I have the system mastery to make this weapon a viable build.

I'd like help creating a character that will be effective from level 1, and that doesn't really require any specific equipment to shine. 

I've been toying around with odd builds that utilise the rod, and one thing I noticed is that when it was in the hands of a rogue, it appeared that he could hobble and blind with the model on. 

I was thinking may be chanter/rogue as I really like the summoning aspect of the chanter, and the auras. but I want to do something in combat.

Is there anything you can teach me to make a rod user a viable build, or teach me the error of my ways.

Thank you


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Hi. You can use the rod modal "Blast" to apply afflictons and other "on-hit" effects in an AoE. So rogue is not bad. Chanters have a phrase that speeds up ranged attack speed for all (Sure Handed Ila), so that's also not bad. I would recommend a Troubadour because with a Troubadour you can have raised ranged attack speed and another buff active at the same time - for example Mith Fyr (+burning lash for all). You can get Tekehu's rod fairly early. It's quite cool because its projectiles bounce one time, giving you two AoE hits (at least it used to be so). The best rogue ability with Rod's Blast is Arterial Strike in my opinion.


Good alternatives to rogue are ranger (Driving Flight, Marksman etc.) and monk (Duality for +10 INT = bigger AoE and Stunning Surge). Cipher is also not bad because the Blast can generate a lot of focus. Even Paladin with Flames of Devotion works well. Also a Paladin/Chanter is one of the best combos in the game on my opinion. For example you can give the party Shared Flames + Mith Fyr or Exhalted Endurance + Ancient Memory. Less potent in offense, but so useful for a party.

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Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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Thank you for this, @boeroer, I really appreciate it.

I noticed that Skald gains phrases with any weapon, does this include rods, sceptres and wands?
What about blunderbuss they have an AOE as well don't they?

thanks for any help, I'm trying up understand the game and get my system mastery up!

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Skalds only get phrases for melee crits, not ranged ones.


There are two unique blunderbusses in Deadfire that have an AoE: Hand Mortar and Fire in the Hole. The rest (of all blunderbusses) shoots 4 small projectiles at once - but at the same target.


Other ranged weapons with AoE: Kalakoth's Minor Blights, Frostseeker (on crit) and Three Bells Through (always shots in a narrow AoE like a straight line).


The only melee weapons with AoE attacks are Citzal's Spirit Lance, Whispers of the Endless Paths (great sword) and Wahaī Pōraga (pollaxe).

Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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