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Regarding Spellblade (Assassin/Evoker): Assasinate work with Spells?

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I only find vague comments regarding the topic on how Spells works with Back-stab/Assassinate for the Rogue sub-class Assassin.


So as I understand it you receive  the following bonuses on the first "attack":


+ 25 Accuracy

+ 4 Penetration

+ 25% crit damage

(Does this scale/change with Power Level or Character Level? )


Has anybody tested out what works with Back-stab/Assassinate?


  • As I have read even with the Rogue's own abilities which do "Full Attack", only apply the bonus on the first hit if dual wielding.
  • And casting even offensive spells like Ninagauth's Shadownflame does NOT break stealth.


  1. But does so how does the bonuses work with spells?
  2. Does it only work with spells that deal weapon damage types (slash/pierce/crush)?
    (I remember this was the case for sneak-attack and scrolls in PoE1, which Beoroer made a nice build about)
  3. a.) How about the range limitation? Is Assasinate the same as with Back-stab? (<2 m), or works even at Arbalest/Arquebus range?

    b.) How would that work with AoE spells like Fireball?
    Do you have to be withing 2 meters of the center of the impact, OR is it enough to be 2 meters outside the yellow part of the radius?
  4. Multiple-hit spells, like most of the Minoletta's Missile spells? Only first hit gets the bonus just like with the Full-Attacks?


I think this combination build has potential to make the otherwise somewhat one-sided Assassin a bit more varied playstyle.


Imagine casting Minoletta's Precisely Piercing Burst with +2PL, after the tank have gathered up all the mobs and the Cipher has put a nice blanket of some nice juicy Sneak-attack- + Deathblow -qualifiers all snug on top of them....."Incertus...Pulchra...Imperio... *Poof* "


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In general, it works with spells but only if you are still in stealth when the attack happens, so it rather varies by spell. Any multicomponent attack it won't work well with, because as the first attack hits you immediately leave stealth. So not so much for the various magic missiles, also not great with stuff like Rolling Flame or Crackling Bolt (initial hit will get bonus, provided you didn't unstealth between the spell being cast and it hitting the first target; same as with explosives for example). But Fireball for example, since that is a single attack on everything in the AOE simultaneously, it gets the bonus against everything. For some spells it can be a bit unclear in advance whether they'll get full bonus though; for example many Cipher spells for example it doesn't work with the AOE effects because they're technically multi-component as well. I'd recommend using the console to spawn some dummies and test it if you're not sure; though for most Wizard spells it's fairly clear I think.


With regard to other points: Backstab (and Sneak Attack and Deathblows) only work with weapons, so that doesn't add much for spells/scrolls/explosives anymore, unlike PoE1. Assassinate has no range limitation though, so you can toss in a Fireball from max. range to open combat and get a big bonus on the entire AOE. So in general, you can certainly use Assassinate to good effect with spells, but the amount of synergy between Evoker and rogue varies a bit (eg. no Sneak Attack). Can definitely be a fun build, but I would certainly recommend planning your playstyle ahead a bit to take such things into account and make the most of the combination. I would also argue that an explosives assassin is perhaps a more practical variation of the same theme since you can use that with any Assassin class combination, but ultimately I'd go with what appeals to you the most. Assassination by fireball isn't the most subtle form of covert killing, but it definitely works :).

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With regard to other points: Backstab (and Sneak Attack and Deathblows) only work with weapons, so that doesn't add much for spells/scrolls/explosives anymore, unlike PoE1.


Aw, I was afraid of that. Well at least that gives an definitive answer on why that build isn't discussed more.

And maybe just as well. To be honest maybe the Wizard doens't really need such a boost to their already very powerful arsenal.


Odd video-guide, mentions that backstabbing works with spells, the numbers do not seem that impressive compared to base damage, so my guess is that Loren Tyr is more in the know-how on this topic, no offense meant.

And so many equipment that boosts spell damage and no mention of them. No Griffin's Blade with Hound's Courage, Magran's Favor or Monochromatic Staff, Firethrower's Gloves, Ring of Focused Fire, Maker's Own Power, Power Stone...etc...hmm....



Well, thanks anyhow. On to the next project instead:

The Shanty Bro: Dwarven Howler (Zerk/Troub).

Morningstar with modal, slap them with the modal and then win the battle with Voice-based skills.

More of a fun thematic build...

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