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I was combing through the wiki and I was wondering if the following combination of gear was the best, since it provides the biggest stat boosts, effectively giving you a +4 to each stat, since I'm under the impression that you can't stack multiple gear bonuses to one stat:


Head: Maegfolc Skull (+4 Might)

Rings: Gwyn's Band of Intellect (+4 Intellect) and Iron Circle (+4 Constitution)

Gloves: Siegebreakers (+4 Resolve)

Neck: Mantle of the Excavator (+4 Perception)

Boots: Viettro's Formal Footwear (+4 Dexterity)


I did not include a belt here because these six items each boost one individual stat, meaning you could basically wear any belt you wanted.  Also, if you're like me and don't wanna wear a skull for a hat, Abydon's Hammer also provides +4 Might and it's significant to the story!


Am I looking at this correctly?  Is it best to get one item that boosts each stat, or can you stack bonuses from multiple pieces of equipment (my impression is that this is only possible with Constitution, specifically by wielding the Whispers of Yenwood sword, since it was singled out in its article as an exception that does stack with other stuff)?  And what about ability boosting soulbound items like Belt of the Royal Deadfire Cannoneer, which, while not boosting as high as these items, boosts multiple stats at once?

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Most things won't stack so if you have, say, a ring and a cloak with +2 Might and +1Might you get +2 Might instead of +3, and on your character page it will show (suppressed) which means you're wearing items that buff the same thing and the higher effect overwrites if they're not equal(in which case you still get only one of the two item's buff).


Personally I think the best gear is stuff you can get early that lasts through the game, there's lots of crazy late game gear but what makes the biggest difference for me is Quality of Life throughout not how decked out I am at the end.


Stuff that boosts multiple stats at once lets you wear more interesting stuff without losing too much attribute wise, like you could wear Rotfinger Gloves instead of Siegebreakers and still get +Resolve from something else.

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The stacking general rules are:


1 bonus per Attribute / Skill / capability / characteristic from any equipment items other than a weapon.

ANY NUMBER of bonuses, to anything, from weapons.

ANY NUMBER of bonuses, to anything, from passive sources (passive abilities/talents, resting boons, er…"temporary paramour" boons.)

1 bonus per above types from active/modal sources (active or modal abilities, consumables - all sorts.)


Also, gear can have more than one bonus impact (Example: = 10% Endurance, AND +1 Dexterity, AND +1 Accuracy.)  Even if the +1 Dex of the preceding example were suppressed by some other piece of god-gear, the other bonuses could/would still be active.


Finally, best gear for a particular character may not be a straight ability boost.  For example, an item that boosts Action Speed directly might be better for a particular build than a boost to Dexterity, for most purposes.


So, "best" is not necessarily as simple as what piece of non-weapon gear gives the biggest Ability boost to any particular Ability.


Still, I wouldn't sneeze at that collection if I found it in a nondescript chest.  :)

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I can see that.  I mean, god forged & god borne & all that.  Rather echoes of Mjolnir, there.


(Now me, I would hope that somewhere there is a bow called something like Galawain's Touch.)

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Dps wise Abydon's Hammer is not the best weapon. No lash (which is multiplicative damage), no speed, usual base damage.


There is no universal "best" gear. It depends a lot on your character. For example Munacra Arret can have a bigger impact on an encounter as the Maegfolc Skull.

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