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Observatory Concelhaut encounter bug, dead playtrough


POTD difficulty, trial of iron, solo playtrough. 

This guy started to talk to me as i stepped in the range of his totems in stealth. Didn't notice them before Conselhaut caught me in his best trap ever, made of a deadly totem and a lack of pause during the dialogues.
During the dialogue, my character seems to have died from the totem effect, continiously doing whatever it does. 
After dialogue ended, i have a map full of fog of war, no characters and no game over message. I can save and load this state of the game, and I have a dead save file. 

I don't think that supposed to happen.


To repeat the bug you just need to go to this encounter, get in range of totems while in stealth and talk to Concelhaut. Your character will die while in dialogue and you will get the result.


Here is my save file - https://www.dropbox.com/s/9e3nglttwokxvun/Zerral%20%28c70d0256-241e-444b-9489-9879381787d6%29%20trialofiron.savegame?dl=0

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Hi Andragorin,


Thanks for posting your save file here. We've got the issue confirmed on our end and our developers are working on a fix as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, we are unable to do as you've requested due to POTD saves being made as they are, we cannot "roll back" to an earlier save point in your playthrough. I apologize for the trouble this has caused you. We'll work hard to make sure this kind of thing doesn't happen to others in the future.

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