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[Request] Druids need to shape up

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... I'm sorry.


Looking for 2 things, neither of which I'm even sure if possible


The absolute biggest weakness of spiritshift was covered by the devs, spiritshifting removing all your gear.  My view of the other 2 problems with shifting probably shouldn't be handled on that level due to potential overpowered-ness.


1.  can we give shifter subclass some other penalty besides completely locking casting?  massive cast/recovery penalties?  -PL even when not shifted?  just something other than locking 1/2 the class features away and turning the character(if single class) into a bad fighter with some selfhealing


2.  is it possible to edit the wildstrike talents to give +1 penetration per tier?  The damage and accuracy scale by PL, but all that bonus damage is lost when playing on veteran/potd due to "no pen".  and 2~3 ability points seems a worthwhile cost for 2~3 situational penetration when you factor in the lash and proc.  Key thing, I only want the +pen to affect spiritshift, giving druids +3 pen w/ weapons goes beyond overpowered


I had a dream of a warden(fighter/druid) tank who just laughed at enemy attacks since he got the equivalent of 6 second winds, but in practice the character was a 100% worse than a crusader(figher/paladin) who used all his zeal on lay on hands, since the crusader would keep his weapons and had options for changing battle conditions.

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