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Did 3/3 dailies and no reward. Reloaded and shows 2/3 with daily done.


For your Forth of July reward: I completed 3 consecutive dailies for 3/3. Even though the reward showed 3/3, it didn't not show up in the retrieve reward area. When I reloaded the game, the reward now show 2/3 but the daily was complete so I was unable to complete again.


Pretty frustrating to have a carrot dangled in front of you and when you get it, it's just pulled away.


I hope this isn't a reoccurring issue.


Otherwise I have been enjoying the game.

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Hello, Roscod.

There is a long-time known bug that causes visual error with the weekly challenge progress bar. Sometimes, while advancing the daily challenge progress during the game, it will give the weekly challenge "bonus +1" as if the daily was finished. Reload usually helps and it will show the correct 2/3 instead of incorrect 3/3 (or 1/3 instead of incorrect 2/3).

However, the weekly challenge is probably broken. No 1776 reward for me, either. But I noticed a treasure chest in my store that I think was not there before. Maybe I forgot to open it, but I doubt it. The game itself is very good (despite some bugs), but the mistakes such as this - wrong text, easily-correctable information, minor graphical issues - strongly discourage the players and builds up their frustration.


We should try to force Obsidian to ease some workload on the developers of this game (they are working at different games) and give them the time to fix the minor stuff.

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Most definitely a bug.  This is an old weekly challenge that worked back through the schedule and got broken somewhere along the way.


I just double-checked some stuff and can confirm what Jenceslav said above.  While the game does display 1776 Gold as the reward, the reward slot it's linked to currently hands out a single treasure chest.  


We'll probably see similar issues in a few months when old Halloween and Thanksgiving challenges come back around on the calendar.  :ermm:

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