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Sword Bearer of Endless Whispers

May Berath have mercy on my enemies , I won't


!Mild Spoiler!


I apologize in advance for the watermark, basically this is an unbuffed (aside from hot razor skewers buff and some passives) solo encounter





Multi-Class Build: Barbarian/Fighter
Sub-classes: No sub-class (Recommended for non-solo), Devoted: Great-sword (Optional for theme Purposes)


Table of Contents

  1. Overview
  2. Blessings & Legacy Choices
  3. Stats
  4. Skills
  5. Abilities
  6. Equipment
  7. Playstyle(TBA)




Relentless and unfaltering we bring the story of the great keep upon each swing of our blade- Lyn Col'ien


As the build suggests we will focus on the whispers of endless path


Make sure you have reforged it it Periki's Overlook you can get the blade via combining the shards of "Whispers of Yenwood" and  "Blades of endless paths whilst paying 3000CP to the said blacksmith. Take the upgrades Bladeform and Spinning Assault Respectively
Berath's Blessing Required:
Champion Stats: +2 to all Stats
Bonus Skills: +2 to all Skills
Bonus Money: 50,000 & 5,000 respectively
Special Merchant (Optional)
Others: Optional, but if i my recommend considering you still have achievement point to spare
Sails Upgrade: For Naval Combat Surviivability
Explored Map: Navigation and strategic Purposes
Fine Equipment: its a good Start
Pillar's of Eternity Legacy Choices:
Effigy's Resentment & Gift of the Machine (Regained at Hasongo according to wiki, for that extra boost.)

I did not take these for Diplomatic and role-playing reasons, whether you take these abilities are up to your discretion

Race: Island Aumaua (+2 Might and no waddling in some terrain during combat for that relentless drive)
Background: Deadfire Archipelago (+1 Dexterity and Unique Dialogue, good pair for Island Aumaua

The Prodigal Child returns to the land once called home

Base Stats
Might: 16 + 2 (Aumaua)
Dexterity: 15 + 1 (Deadfire Archipelago Background)
Perception: 16
Intellect: 14
Resolve: 4




Bearing the great-sword with fervor the watcher Strikes with speed, power & accuracy

This Distribution is balanced for a relentless and tempered brute, good damage and area of effect. For the low resolve and base Constitution will be discussed below, as for the decent dexterity and perception are for dialogue purposes and for frequent and reliable attacks.
Recommended Skills
Mechanics: Mechanics is GOD
Stealth: if you don't have a companion for solo invest some on this skill
Alchemy: a few points, it can be temporary to enhance the effects of "Ripple Sponge" 
                 for the magistrate's cudgel 15 Resolve Check Paired; +2 Rice Wine, +2 Eviee, + 2 "Token Faith"+2 "Boots of Stone" +1 "Ring of solitary Wanderer"
Athletics" SECOND WIND !!!
Diplomacy: if you're one those goody-goodies (like me) or just want to avoid some pointless fights and such
Survival: Dialogue checks and for a cape, will be discussed below
History: More dialogue checks
Metaphysics: a few dialogue checks also if you want a peaceful end to a certain sea dragon, or not "Mestre Dragonslayer"
Insight: you have guessed it more dialogue checks or observation skills during conversations
Streetwise: always helps in a pinch or two or three

wise as she was powerful with the voice of a hundred souls and the skills to show for it



you don't have to follow it to the letter, experiment  if you want to fit your play style

Fighter Ability Tree( Level 16)



Barbarian Ability Tree( Level 16)



Level I:
Core Barbarian:
Core Fighter:
Constant Recover
If Devoted sub-class
Level II: +1 Mechanics, +1 Diplomacy
Disciplined Barrage
if you're not on  solo run you can focus on Alchemy or Athletics instead
Level III: +1 Mechanics, +1 Insight
Fast Runner: can be Knockdown early on for crowd control
Level IV: +1 Mechanics, +1 Diplomacy
Barbaric Blow: Nothing like a good'ole swing that hit harder with greater Aoe
Fighter Stances(Cleaving Stance): Barbaric Blow + Near Death Enemy + Cleaving Stance = i let you picture out
Two-Handed Style: 15% Damage for 2-Handed Weapons (you can replace this for one of the upper 2 for this level)
Level V: +1 Alchemy, +1 Metphysics
Two-Handed Style: 15% Damage for 2-Handed Weapons
Level VI-VIII: +2 Mechanics, +1 Insight, +1 Metaphysics, +1 Athletics, +1 Diplomacy
Tactical Barrage: very important for +1 all Power levels and +5 Intellect for carnage AoE and ability duration
Confident Aim: not needed if you're confident with your accuracy
Rapid Recovery: Because, why not
Thick Skinned: +1 Armor Rating against Slash,Pierce & Crush
Accurate Carnage: if you want more accuracy for carnage not 100% recommended for now
Level IX: +1 Alchemy, +1 Diplomacy
Determination: Defense against Perception,Intellect and Constitution Afflictions
Frisk would be so proud
Level X: +1 Stealth, +1 Insight
Charge: the fun can finally begin
Wild Sprint: No engagement, +5 Dexterity & 100% Stride
if you don't want to invest in stealth just do the talk while stealth trick does work on solo run considering your alone and such
Frenzy + Tactical Barrage + Wild Sprint + Charge on crowd + Empower + Barbaric Blow + Cleaving Stance
that is still without the buffs
Level XI: +1 Mechanics +1 Metahysics
Weapons Specialization: 10% Damage for Proficient Weapons
Level XII:+1 Alchemy, +1 Diplomacy
Level XIII: +1 Mechanics, +1 Metaphysics
Mob stance: it is like cleaving stance but with faster action speed for each unfortunate soul to ever cross your path
Barbaric Smash: what's that after crushing the enemies with the combo you also regain rage, poor things
Or Crushing Blowan extra move fore every combo kill in play will make your enemies' day, their last that is
Level XIV:+1 Mechanics, +1 Diplomacy
Armored Grace: Every enemy can die if you hit them fast enough, bring out the brigantine
Level XV: +1 Alchemy, +1 Insight
Uncanny Luck:  not much but its something especially with decent perception and tactical Barrage
Tough: Die a little slower basically
Superior Deflection: a little defense goes a long way
if you haven't gotten the other


Level XVI


Reaping Whirlwind: More Discipline = More Charge


Ram Sprint: Good CC Proc on Crit

Lion Sprint: for good guarantee for Crit with Great Increase is accuracy in Next Attack Triggering Gatecrasher






Equipment: Early Game (Remember the stealth conversation trick to sneak past well guarded non-hostile caches, the Tab button reveal interactibles by default)

Credits to  @lunattic for well-supplied merchant item info



If you have the well-supplied traveling merchant you can go for

Gauntlets of Ogre Might(1375 CP): +2 Might, if you want before you head to to the engwithan dig site but i replaced it with the accuracy one

Gauntlets of Accuracy: +3 Accuracy, You can get them in the ancient training hall, Ancient Engwithan Dig site on First Map

if you took port maje first

Swordsman's Bracers: 10% Hits to Grazes taken by melee, you can steal them from the crate behind the merchant 



If you have the well-supplied traveling merchant you can go for

Boots of Speed:  for fast stride in solo or stealth

Boots of Stone: Since you don't have unflinching yet the resistance bonus and a +1 Resolve really Helps

Shore-walker Sandals: +1 Resolve & 20%Stride, if you don have the merchant, these are good early boots



If you have the well-supplied traveling merchant go for

Troll Hide Belt(775 CP): 1 HP Regeneration per 6 Seconds, not much but a welcome bonus for the blank belt slot, you also get via loot early on but still

Girdle of Mortal Protection(1775 CP): +2 Constitution, 20% of Crits to Hit taken, Good defensive capabilities but i chose Troll hide



Fine Great Sword: Decent early-game weapon you must get those fragments fixed after going to Neketaka

Fine Arquebus/Arbalest/Crossbow: although arquebus is preferred due to damage, if you aren't a devoted fighter sub-class they make for a good opening shot 

or you can take their regular counterparts if you dot have the corresponding blessing



If you have the well-supplied traveling merchant you can go for

Cloak of Greater Deflection(775 CP): +7 Deflection (melee combat damage mitigation by decreasing the state of damage by one level if successful)

Cloak of Greater Defense(775 CP): +10 Fortitude,Reflex & Will

or you can go with a cloak that you might be able to loot from the Old Battleground or Burial Mound on the first map, luck is needed sometimes in RNG



Fine Breastplate

Fine Leather Armor

or you can take their regular counterparts if you dot have the corresponding blessing



you can loot these early on from the Old Battleground or Burial Mound on the first map, luck is needed sometimes in RNG

Ring of Overseeing(400 CP): +10% AOE, better carnage and other aoe dependent skills although there might not be much this early

perhaps scrolls (needs 1-3 Arcana)

Minor Ring of Deflection

Minor Ring of Protection

Gaun's Pledge: if you don't have some potions can help with your survivability early on


Helmet: if you aren't a God-like

Death Maw: being near a killed enemy grants temporary damage reduction, a nice early on bonus



If you have the well-supplied traveling merchant you can go for

Amulet of Greater Health(1075): +25 Max Health

Wise Teeth Necklace: +1 Intellect, History, Insight

from the encounter in the first island located just before the Old Battleground

Protective Eothasian Charm: +1 Perception and a really good Regen & DR ability that activates in near death, must rest to recharge skill

from the hidden cache in on the well in the middle of Gorecchi Street, Port Maje


Equipment: Mid-Game(Neketaka an Beyond)



Gate Crusher Gloves: +2 Might, Knock down on critical hit in melee & grants "Reeling Blows" good crowd control skill 2/2 Per Rest

the knockdown procreation of your gloves go really well with you combo and the cc skill with the extra might is an added bonus

Sold by Wanika at Queen's Berth



The Undying Burden: +1 Athletics, +2 Constitution, Grants Second Wind & a scaling Damage reduction as health decreases 30% Max

you really can't have too much second wind,

Sold in Delver's Row by Imuani



Ring of Solitary: +1 Resolve, -35% debuff duration, Perfect for and independent vanguard or Solo run

Looted from Bount-Pirakau, encounter located at 26* 58'S 45* 9' E well its better it you just browse the map especially if you the explored world map blessing

Chameleon's Touch: +1 Random Attribute & Skill, Dependent on class

Looted from Bounty-Nomu the Marauder, encounter located in the me island as neketaka

Ring of Overseeing: +10% Aoe, Still a good choice



Baubles and Fin: +1 Constitution & Intellect, +5% Damage 6.5M Aura

A reward for the (Peaceful Preferably) resolution of "Broodmother's Fury" in Tikawara

Wise Teeth Necklace: +1 Intellect, History, Insight

from the encounter in the first island located just before the Old Battleground

Protective Eothasian Charm: +1 Perception and a really good Regen & DR ability that activates in near death, must rest to recharge skill

from the hidden cache in on the well in the middle of Gorecchi Street, Port Maje


Heaven's Cacophony: +2 Intellect +1 Religion, also Grants a 2/2 Knockback Stun and Shock Retaliation Skill
The extra skills granted are really helpful for situational enemies who are immune to slash and pierce the increase in buff duration and aoe due to the Intellect +2 Bonus does wonders for your build, the +1 Religion is just a little extra to match the theme of the helm
you current fine armor should be good enough if you find/loot/stole an exceptional/ superb Counter part replace it right away but if yo can spare the funds go for
Ruata's Walking Cloak: +1 Diplomacy & Survival, +5 Reflex +20% Stride(Scales with Survival)
Obtained as a reward for Eulogy for the Dead
Garari Cuirass
Sold by Ernezzo in Delver's Row
The Whispers of endless Paths
Equipment: Mid-Late Game
found as a drop on the dead guard fanatic in the forgotten catacombs (be careful of Fampyr Charms)
sold by the merchant at crookspur
Play Style


a bit harder encounter compared to the xaurips, buffed with "lumious adra potion, arcanist balm for +4 Alchemy"

Taru-Taru Chew +5 to Might,Dexterity & Constitution


higher level encounter with levels higher than that of my current watcher (The Steel Preacher Encounter)


Start of Combat
  1. Tactical Barrage: For concentration,aware and acute
  2. Lion Sprint: For nimble, +15 Accuracy, Immunity to Engagement. you can now barbarian Frenzy or retreat to safer distance with speed bonus and apply more buffs
  3. Charge the the farthest yet softest enemy if available e.g. Priest etc. pause a moment to let enemies catch up 
  4. Barbaric Smash the enemy killing it regaining rage whilst also applying cleaving stance and Boosted Carnage to the enemy
  5. at this Point us spinning assault then charge to another enemy regardless to keep the momentum flowing
  6. Barbaric smash near death enemies and finish them off
  7. At this point feel free to use your remaining resources to end the fight, if you lacking health this build focuses on dr reduction and speed yet you will have two "second wind" one from basic athletics and one from " the undying burden" 


Conclusion: if you find yourself lacking in early game don't be afraid to take on some drug, potions and scrolls until you get the core abilities you need to run enemies through.









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