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Multiclass and previewing ability tree



I barely ever click the preview so IDK if this is a new bug (couldn't find a previous report at least), but currently I'm hiring an inquisitor merc. Pale elf male, shieldbearer paladin, and then... as I try to preview the cipher ability tree I only get the paladin tree. The cipher icon is there to the top left, but clicking it does nothing. This happens for all kits, including vanilla cipher. If I make him a single classed cipher I can preview it just fine though.


I randomly tested with some other multiclass combos like barbarian/priest, barbarian/cipher and barbarian/wizard and it worked fine. It looks to me the bug is with multiclassed paladins. It happens for every combo except the bottom four; priest, ranger, rogue and wizard. This is without pressing Next and deciding on a kit.


By no means exhaustive testing, but I have a statue to pursue ^^

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