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Bug causing video drivers to crash


In Fort Deadlights, simply scrolling the camera over the area that on the map is labeled "To Forge" causes not just the game to crash, but appears to also cause my video device drivers to crash.  The device driver then recovers (which involves the screen flashing black briefly), and about half the time the game simply crashes and shuts down.  The other half the game is still sort of running, but the visuals are completely whited out.  Though you can still hear sound effects and, seemingly continue clicking on the ground and objects.  You just can't see anything.


At first, I thought that my video card drivers, which I hadn't updated in a while, were to blame.  But even after updating them, rebooting, and then turning all of the game's video settings down, the problem persists.   Of note, I tend to play the game in a window, if that might matter.


Attached is the the save game that is closest, simply scrolling up and left along the stairs from the starting point is enough to cause the crash.  Also attached is the output_log file and the DxDiag.txt for my computer.  There was a crash file in the Pillars of Eternity II directory, but as it is a 2gig file somehow, and I have crappy DSL internet, uploading that is pretty unlikely to ever happen.


I assume the problem is some weird interaction between my graphics card/drivers and the game, but damned if I have any idea how to fix the problem.  It's a shame, because I was really enjoying the game right up until this point.


Edit: Looks like the attachment didn't actually attach because of the ridiculously small max size, link to the attachment: https://www.dropbox.com/s/l0y6cotv2sxa8ez/Bug%20Report.zip?dl=0

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