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Backgrounds and Kith Demographics?

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Something I've been wondering is about the demographics of the different Kith in the playable backgrounds in the game.  Some of these are pretty obvious, like Aedyr or the Deadfire Archipelago, which are explicated in the books, but I'm wondering how likely some combinations would actually be.  Like, Pale Elves are most commonly found in the White That Wends, but are there any places it'd make sense to find them in, if I wanted to play a Pale Elf with a background exclusive to one place (like Philosopher being unique to the Ixamitl Plains, or Clergyman being exclusive to Aedyr)?  Do Boreal Dwarves live anywhere BESIDES Naasitaq?  Some kith obviously can be found all over the place (Mountain Dwarves and Meadow and Ocean Folk, for example), as I've designed characters I've wondered if characters of certain kith coming from a specific places make sense with the setting's lore, and there's really only one homeland that has a specific breakdown of kith demographics that's playable, and that's Aedyr (the other ones are all non-playable, like the Dyrwood, Readceras, Eir Glanfath and the Vailian Republics).


What do you folks think?

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Orlans are originally for Eir Glanfath and can been seen in many parts of the eatern reach. But they are looked down upon can be found in many different place due to the fact they are targets for slavers.


Coastal Aumaua (Northern) typically make their home in Rauatai and places around it (Living Lands) . They are considered the most aggressive of the kith and are often hired as mercenaries so I can see them in another land taking up that occupation in another land.


Island Aumaua (Southern) mainly make their home in the Deadfire and can be found at locations around it such as the eastern reach.


For humans it depends on what sub race you are looking at.


Meadow humans are for Aedyr/ Dyrwood

Ocean are from Old Valia/ Valian Republics

Savanna are found in Ixmitl Plains/ Readcer


Both Dwarf races can be found in the Valian Republics. Though Naasitaq is close to the White that Wends and the Deadfire.


Pale elves do on occasion make trips to Naasitaq, it would not unreasonable to see their kind in the Deadfire.


Wood elves are a bit confusing because they originated for Aedyr and Eir Glanfath.


Those are all I can think of at the moment anyways

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Thanks again!  This definitely covers the broad strokes I already knew from the wiki, but some details I wasn't aware of, like the large population of coastal aumaua in the Living Lands or that you can find Boreal Dwarves in the Valian Republics!


That's the sort of things I'm interested in looking into with this thread: figuring out the kinds of population distributions in places we haven't seen like the Living Lands, or what people live in Rauatai BESIDES the two types of aumaua, or in the White that Wends BESIDES the pale elves.  Let's speculate!  :geek:

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