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Killed Atsura and Atsura still appears at Ukaizo



Bug 1:

I killed Atsura along with Hazanori.  But Atsura still appears in Ukaizo when I side with the Principe. 


Bug 2:

Pallegina leaves when I side with Ruatai, but I do not face VTC in the end.  So she is still alive.  But no epilogue.  


Bug 3:

I made a deal with Menzaggo to give him Adra, and I won the game with Ruatai.  But there is no slide showing Ruatai ships bombarding Menzaggo to death.


Bug 4:

Fully romanced Maia, did not take her to blow up the powder storage, but she still leaves.  And in her epilogue, there is no reference to the romance  

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