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Is druid shift/second weapon set de-equip bug back or is it one of my mods?



When I spirit shift and back if I'm using weapon set #2, especially if id has a "copy" of an item from set 1, it de-equips that item. Does anyone else experience this?


Had an idea for a slippery druid/assassin support MC but cant use it cause of this sadly. 

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So that is what the copy button does! I thought it was some forgotten beta testing button. 

To get back to your question, I've never seen my weapons unequipped after shapeshifting. I've also never used the copy button.

I'll check it out. 



Yes, the copied weapon disappears after spiritshift.

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Hi QuiteGoneJin,


This issue is logged for spiritshifting somehow sending weapons to the ether, Thanks for the post! Hopefully we can get a resolution in a future patch soon.





I like big bugs and I cannot lie...

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