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Level scaling?



Ok so I was happy to read in the patch notes that level scaling was working properly now. More or less had the same playstyle. Did a lot (this time not all) sidequests and entered Hasongo at level 16.


The first enemy that pops up is level 7 or 8.


This is not proper level scaling. He might as well be level 3 (which he is without level scaling lol)


In order to have somewhat of a challenge at Hasongo I should go there right after I get to Neketaka and visit the Palace without doing anything else?



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Scaling works properly, but its not infinite. I believe they extended a range in which enemies scale, but it won't work anyway if you are way overlevel... which in latter part of the game should happen a lot.

Maybe it works as it was programmed, but it is still wrong. It should always scale to your level or even above. Otherwise it becomes useless. Enemies with 40 deflection might as well not be there for my party. My monk instakills three or four enemies in a row.

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