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Poison icon and other bugs

Loren Tyr


Not sure whether this has been reported yet, but there is a minor bug when using poisons: after you successfully hit, the "poisoned weapon" status effect icon on your character sticks around. It's just a GUI thing as far as I can see though, you don't get additional poison hits out of it.


Also, if you use a second poison the first icon is still used. For example, if I apply Stone Joint, successfully hit an enemy with it, then apply Scorching Venom, I'll still see the Stone Joint icon (and tooltip) next to my character (though the duration updates). It will still hit as Scorching Venom as it should. 


I also wanted to reiterate another poison bug, I mentioned in earlier in 1.1beta but since it's still there I just wanted to make sure: the amount of DoT damage in the attack log for all the poisons is listed as zero. Since the poison description doesn't show any alchemy, power level or might scaling (also not for non-damage effects or accuracy, would be nice to have this changed as well), it can therefore be very difficult to tell how much damage the poison actually does for the elemental damage ones, since those also don't show over the victim's head.


Finally, and not sure this is a bug: the Razorgill Dust +5% damage effect does not appear to scale at all. I can't imagine that's supposed to be that way though, because if so it would be incredibly weak compared to other poisons: the 3 base raw damage it does ticks only every six seconds, and scales very slowly (around 28 damage at alchemy 20, whereas eg. Stone Joint would do around 95 damage per three seconds with that); a flat +5% damage doesn't make up for that (and eg. the AR penalty on Fungal Bile does scale), and from the poison's description I would think that that vulnerability was probably intended to scale (also increasing its own damage at higher Alchemy).


Edit: actually, it's only Scorching Venom that doesn't show damage ticks, I thought it was all elemental damage ones. Still would be good to have the descriptions (for everything) and log tooltips (for damage) fixed though

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