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[Bug][CYOA Scripted Interaction] Using the suolenet to get to Delver's Row loops back to start



Another CYOA Scripted Interaction-related issue, like the one previously reported here.

Don't know exactly what triggered that behavior, but prior to this I had:


- explored the entirety of the Narrows through the CYOA scripted interaction
- gained access to Dereo's Lair by using the suolenet
- progressed the accessability of Delver's Row up until the point of "unlocking" entry through the merchant stall's curtain without taking/initiating it just yet


Starting point is Dereo's Lair:


Going through the merchant stall's curtain and continuing on:



Showing the suolenet:


But instead of transitioning to Delver's Row it puts you back to where you started from, in this case Dereo's Lair:




Doesn't matter if you start from The Gullet's entry point to the Narrows and the Narrows CYOA scripted interaction either.
Once you use the suolenet to get to Delver's Row it will loop and put you back outside of the entrance to the Narrows again.


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