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Holy crap! Valera is a lot tougher in Family Pride quest

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The fight with Valera is MUCH harder with the new patch even on Veteran (with scaling). At level 6 I think I'm going to have to come back.


I'm at a slightly higher level (veteran) and I decided to come back later too.


Btw I tried to kill the Bardatto soldiers in the vault but even the red AoE wouldn't hurt them. Or at least they refused to turn hostile. I'll pretend I didn't "clean" the Vault and come back later to finish this business.


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I'm fine with it. They are supposed to be a formidable family. But sheesh if it isn't the absolute worst quest for dialogue! 'Oh hey what are you doing here? Wanna kill someone for us? Oh hey a new face, who are you?'

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