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I recently started playing pillars of eternity on ps4 mainly since it was available at the time, plus it came with the white march dlc. I know that in deadfire you can import your save from the first game. But I was wondering if you can do that cross-platform? like using a ps4 poe save to a pc for deadfire. I am aware that you can make your choices at the beginning of the deadfire without having to play the first game but I would much rather import my save. Or do I have to wait till a ps4 version comes?   

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And thank you for taking the time and posting today :) currently, it's not possible to take a PS4 save of PoE1 to PC Deadfire. I like the idea and I will gladly pass it a long to our Devs.



Thank you so much for taking it into consideration. Looking forward to the next game. 

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