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Saved games sync between Windows and Linux



I played PoE II on Windows and then installed the game on Linux. I see that saved games have been synced into ~/.local/share/Pillars of Eternity II, while Linux verion of the games looks for them in ~/.local/share/PillarsOfEternityII/SavedGames


Just copying from one dir to another does the trick, but I do not think that it is supposed to be done this way.

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It still doesn't work properly. Now I see 2 different directories in ~/.local/share/: "Pillars of Eternity II" and "PillarsofEternityII", for sync, while linux game uses "PillarsOfEternityII". I had to create a symlink PillarsOfEternityII -> PillarsofEternityII and, IIRC, had to copy some save files from one directory to another. Please fix and test it properly.

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I play with Linux and sometimes with Windows 10 (different savegames - just for testing). When synch happens I get three (?) different savegame directories on my Linux system. All named slightly different (case sensitive and stuff). Man...

Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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I've managed to make it work by creating following symlink:  "~/.local/share/PillarsOfEternityII/SavedGames" => "~/.local/share/Pillars of Eternity II"

Saved games are transferring both ways: Linux to Windows and Windows to Linux.

Here's a script you can run in terminal to achieve the same (just copy and paste these lines to terminal window):


cd ~/.local/share/PillarsOfEternityII
mv SavedGames SavedGames_OLD
ln -s ../Pillars\ of\ Eternity\ II/ SavedGames


Make sure you transfer your Linux saved games from .local/share/PillarsOfEternityII/SavedGames_OLD to SavedGames, if you have any.

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On Linux I have 3 directories:

  •  Pillars of Eternity II
  •  PillarsofEternityII
  •  PillarsOfEternityII  (/SavedGames)

I believe this is what is happening, but I may be wrong on some details. On Linux system game looks into PillarsOfEternityII/SavedGames to save and load games. When you close your game on Linux, your saved files are supposed to be synced into cloud, but instead this happens:

    Pillars of Eternity II => Cloud

When you run game again, your steam cloud saves are supposed to be synced back to your system but instead of putting them into PillarsOfEternityII/SavedGames this is what happens:

    Cloud => Pillars of Eternity II
    Cloud => PillarsofEternityII

The wierd thing is that "Pillars of Eternity II" and PillarsofEternityII contain not exactly the same files on my system. It seems, that the former one contain the latest of my saved games while the latter lags behind.

By the way, on my Windows those two directories are also present. While on Windows game correctly uses "Pillars of Eternity II" directory to read and sync saves, it seems to ignore the other directory. Workaround here on Linux is to symlink PillarsOfEternityII/SavedGames to "Pillars of Eternity II". You will still have three saved games directories, but syncing will work as expected.

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