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Firearms and AOE friendly fire

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Do Firearms such as Kitchen Stove, Fire in the Hole etc which have AOE effects or enchants have friendly fire?


E.g. when an enchant specifies the bullet "bounces", will it always only bounce to an enemy? What about with Explosive Shot, which forms a small AOE around the target? The wording isn't very clear.



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Bounces always go to enemies (unless it’s a spell that’s reflected but that’s different or your character is confused/charmed/dominated and they can attack allies).

With explosive shot from stuff like serafen’s blunderbuss at the start of the game, that’s foe only. (You can see a yellow circle when highlighting enemies). If it were a red circle, then it would hit allies as well.

The blunderbuss modal aoe is the only one that doesn’t really explicitly say what the aoe hits. (It hits the target and everybody around it including allies)

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