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Starting Burial Site/Burial Sites in general

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A bit of a two pronged topic here. 1st do all Burial Sites share the same loot table or does it vary by location?


2nd I had been assuming that Burial Sites are fairly poor. Never got anything other than scrap to sell or what not. Particularly from the first Site by Port Maje. So much so that I have actually skipped clearing it in the past since it is sort off to the side/not on the way. Well today on my int stacking paladin I ran into this beauty.




Cloak of the Theocrat +1 INT/RES. By far the most valuable item I have gotten from a generic Burial Site so far. I didn't realize you could get stat items from them, let alone stat items that increase two stats.


So the topic? Post your best finds form the generic Burial Sites. I want to see what all you have found. Alternatively share what other random loot you have found at other generic loot locations.

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Burial sites are my favorite locations to search for wardstones for no rest run. I'm not sure other places have them. And yeah, I've found some minor magical items there as well.

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