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Italian translation



Everytime i level up and unlock new abilities i discover more and more completely wrong translation. I mean, not only words not used properly, but skill description completely wrong (just unlocked duality of mortal presence and it says it increases deflection...).


They are so many and so big translation error that there should be a dedicated team just to redo all the combat mechanics translation...


Pretty please obsidian?


I'm also amazed you didnt put a big warning like "italian translation just partially completed" when you released the game. I costantly have to check the wiki to figure out what every single class ability actually do, since the translation is totally unreliable

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Hello malchiorita,


Thanks for your post! We do take care of all our localization off site, and we do have them looking into more in depth localization. Thank you for your patience with the matter, and if you have particular instance with translation please feel free to create a post depicting the problem.





I like big bugs and I cannot lie...

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