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[SOLVED] Of Like Minds not starting if Slavers already killed? VTC questline stuck?



I'm supposed to receive the quest "Of Like Minds" after "Dirty laundry" from VTC, however I already did "A shrewd proposition" and killed all the slavers. I finished the dirty laundry quest but I'm not getting any new quest from VTC. On the main quest I'm just waiting to do Ashen Maw after I finish all the rest of the quests.

Am I stuck with the VTC questline?

Do I have to reload a save from before doing the Principi quest? It was very far in the past and I'm already almost done with all the sidequests. It would really be problematic and boring to go through half of the game again.


Is it possible to get "A vote of no confidence" even by skipping "Of like minds" due to this fact? Do I have to wait for a patch?





Off topic:

By the way, despite these possible bugs, let me express my gratitude for delivering a game that stands on the same level as the unforgettable Baldur's Gate 2. It doesn't stand anywhere near Planescape Torment, but I fear than nothing stands near Planescape. Last game that had such a chance was Tyranny (and Age of Decadence, which isn't yours but may be an inspiration), but it is still too unpolished, despite the potential. Still please continue trying!


A last question: Who did the Italian translation? Google translate? It is terrible!

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Hello Alessio,


As mentioned by Insolentius, this quest is not mandatory and you should be able to continue the VTC questline without issues. If you are not, please let me know and Ill look into the matter for you!





I like big bugs and I cannot lie...

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