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The Wonderful World of Warbly Water



I tried to report this to you guys here but all you replied with is hurrrr dxdiag and output.txt.


All you have to do to reproduce this ANNOYING glitch is to enter some scene where's there a beach or "ocean water" (not any sailing screen and not indoor water afaik), then PAUSE the game, then scroll a little.  Notice how the water "warbles"?  It's like it's moving even when the game is paused.


This was introduced in your latest patch, once you added more graphics effects options, such as controlling FXAA.  Incidentally, if you go into options, toggle FXAA, then scroll some more, the problem disappears.  However, as soon as you transition to another scene with the same kind of water, it's back again.


The only thing I can't confirm is whether this occurs on Pascal or not, since I'm running Maxwell.  That's a 900-series GPU.  I've tried GeForce 397.93 as well as 398.11.  Makes no difference.


Please just load up a save near some water on a system running a 960, 970, or 980 and pause the game.  Scroll a little.



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