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[1.1 Beta] Graphical ocean wave issue, have to change AA level or toggle FXAA every new scene to alleviate



Decided to try out the beta patch and one of the first things I noticed is that if you're in a location such as the docks at Neketaka that shows ocean waves, when you scroll the screen you'll notice an odd "warbling" graphical effect which looks very unnatural.  It only occurs when you're scrolling, not if the camera is still.


Going into the graphics options and either changing the AA level to any other value OR toggling the FXAA option on/off alleviates the problem for that area, but as soon as you transition to any other area the problem will... resurface (no pun intended).


Currently running GeForce driver 397.93.  I may experiment with other driver versions.


Very irritating, please look into this.

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