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I always liked the concept of a Chanter in PoE but, somehow, they never clicked well with me due to their invocations and summoning theme.


Thus, enters the Bard subclass, a typical adventurer class that uses music to inspire allies or crush their foes.

This new bard subclass is closer to the typical Dungeons & Dragons bards, being a jack of all trades.


It is still in what I consider a Beta release since I'm testing the class and making tweaks here and there. Some of the new passives will probably be reworked or removed over the development during the balancing phase.


I basically ditched Invocations. In their place, I added a set of abilities that could be derived in three categories:

Martial abilities

Supporting abilities

Arcane/Damage abilities


I also added new passives for this subclass, improving chanting and martial capabilities.


Since the Bard is a jack-of-all-trades, I gave him a sort of abilities that can be resembled to others from most classes.

For martial classes I looked at the Fighter, Paladin, and Rogue for inspiration of a couple abilitites

For Supporting, I looked at Wizard, Priest, and Druid for healing and buffing (self-buffing included) and the chanter itself.

For Arcane, I looked at Wizard, Priest, and Druid to get damaging spells from Fire and Frost.


Note that this subclass has a lot of restrictions in the abilities Tree, forcing the player to choose the "role" his bard will perform.

Furthermore, the level progression for most abilities are slower than its counterparts for most of the abilities "borrowed" and modified to be used by the Bard.


The Bard subclass is available at my other mod pack as an optional download: 




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