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oncrit items nerfed to oblivion

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It looks like all items with on recieving crit property have been nerfed  to trash by reducing proc rate to 10%!!!

at least it's the case for nature's embrace / ngati girdle / okura's kettle.


i think that 10% is the right proc rate for on hit property, for on crit it shall be something like 33%.

Protective eothasian charm darkest before dawn ability shall be made per encounter given how badly it has been nerfed ( from -75% damage to -25%).


On the other hand, i think it is important to put a cap on number of figurines that can be brought in one single fight ( cap it a 2).

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that cant be right you sure your reading it properly, can you post the item description up


the on crit items allways proc on a crit but the target gets a save vs will, fort, ect.....


So if you 


1. had to hit them on a crit

2. they get a save vs fort

3. then there is only 10% chance it will work after that


It would never work

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