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Family Pride finished 2 times in the same playthrough



1. I took quest from Ezalli Bardatto ("A sinking feeling") and try to convince her to find a peaceful solution.

2. I went to Atello Valera and spoke with him about peacful solution.

3. I took the quest from Martino Valera ("A bigger fish").

4. I resolve "A bigger fish quest" and returned to Martino.

5. I spoke with Ezalli that Atello wants to find a peacful solution. She agreed to meet with him.

4. I proceed through "A sinking feeling" questline to find out about robbery the vault and stop that quest just after the task in the Hole inn.


At that moment :

1. I could speak to Ezalii about robbery and follow her plan to set a trap for Valera family.

2. I could speak with Atello Valera about Martino's plan to rob the vault and follow his plan.

3. I could speak with Atello about meeting with Ezalli to negotiate agreements.


I wanted both families dead so I planed to start meeting and turn them against themself, but my party had low level at that moment so I went do some other quests.


After I did some quest like Poko Kohora and rescued Oswald:

1. I went to Atello Valera to start the meeting, but there was no option because he find out that Martino has plan to rob Bardatto's vault.

2. I was sent to rescue girl from Bardatto's estate.

3. I went down to the basement and I've been attacked by welcoming party just around the corner (there was nobody near the stairs).

4. I meet the captain and his man torturing the girl.

5. I killed all hostiles.

6. The girl said that I should run through the window, but I robbed the vault and walked out through the door upstairs.

7. I went to Atello Valera and he was conviced by Martino to kill Ezalli and her family.

8. I killed all Bardatto.

9. I went back to Atello and was rewarded for dealing with Bardatto - "Family Pride" quest was finished in the journal.

10. I could speak with Atello and one of the options was to arrange meeting with Ezallio.

11. Negotiations started - Ezallio and her people at the meeting were alive.

12. I said that I gathered them to kill them all.

13. I killed them all.

14. I didn't get journal update, but in the finished "Family Pride" quest second stage from the top was about previous final solution to that quest (that I sided with Valera and eliminate Bardatto). The top task in finished quest stated that the negotiation was closed with a massacre.


Now I have double Ezallio's equipment and I guess double Valera's family weapons.


Few save files if it will help:


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Hello Silvaren,


Appreciate the detailed write up for the Family Pride quest and issues with it! Ill get this logged if it is not ready yet so double equipment is not gained :p





I like big bugs and I cannot lie...

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