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Can I just ignore the Battle of Yenwood quest?

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Hi everyone. I've read up a bit on this quest but haven't found an answer to what happens if I just sort of ignore it? After capturing it I started upgrading it because I thought why not, but I can't say I'm that interested. Now I have to bother with this battle to defend it and I'm starting to wish I hadn't bothered. I can't remember getting an option to capitulate to Lord Whatshisname and I'm wondering what will happen if I just ignore this. Will I lose the keep? Has anyone done that? What are the consequences?


Thanks guys.

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Thanks guys. I actually decided to restart my game (something I quite often do anyway with these kinds of games). Something about being a lord didn't sit right with my persona of a wandering adventurer. Not to mention all the cash I can save. How many nights at the Salty Shaft, err... I mean Mast could I get with all the copper I spent on the keep?


A related question, can I get to Defiance Bay without rebuilding the east wall of the keep? I'd rather just avoid the whole thing.


Thanks everyone.

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You becoming the next Watcher of Caed Nua is part of the general story line and cannot be ignored. 


You can leave your keep in a state of disrepair, though, if you truly wish to impersonate the wandering vagrant of yore. 


Though, methinks, you can also roleplay the vagrant to lord scenario, too. 



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