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Did you ever feel like there was too little combat in Deadfire?

Amount of combat in Deadfire  

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  1. 1. Was there enough combat in Deadfire?

    • Not enough! I ha' nae even wet mi' blade!
    • Just right :)
    • Too much violence! Think of the baby lagufaeth!

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I thought there was way too much... but that's because the combat mechanics were very shallow, so I didn't find most encounters to be worth the time.  Even a lot of the bounties felt like trash mob encounters - just you lining up against some dudes in an open field and beating each other until one side wins with no real tactical depth or difference regardless of how your party was made up of or what they were using.


Of course, Deadfire would feel very empty without those trash mob packs - and it DOES feel empty on story mode, when combat is just a formality you breeze through on your way to whatever.


I think there was a sufficient raw amount of combat encounters in Deadfire, but I think there were extremely few encounters that were actually interesting or engaging.  The vast majority of encounters consisted of "buff my guys, use spells to debuff/control their guys, everyone hit them with glorified auto-attacks until they fall over."  Maybe PotD being fixed will add stuff like kiting being necessary to survive, but I always felt like PotD relied too much on abusing AI limitations than anything else - but that's a separate thread.

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