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Non optimized melee rogue/cipher abilities and attributes?

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short question:

Has a cipher (without soul annihilation) abilities that use melee weapons to strike?


Think about to try something like assassin/ascendant.


My theory is: Stack focus really fast from stealth attack so get ascended and go on with weapon based skills from cipher as long i'am ascended. Go in stealth again, repeat.


I don't really like long casting times and the only skill that sounds cool while wearing weapons is soul annihilation but that one will drop my focus to 0.


Another question:

Which attributes should I use for a melee rogue/cipher combo? No min/max optimization needed. A good average build would be cool. ^^



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There are no weapon based regular cipher spells.


There is a decent selection of cipher spells with short casting time (0.5s) though, but they will have a standard recovery (4s most of the time).




About non min-maxed stats, I would suggest something like:
          10 Might

          8 Con

          14 Dex

          18 Per

          14 Intelligence

          10 Resolve


You will be squishy, but use CC from cipher and evasion/invisibility from rogue to stay alive.

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