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damn.. obsidian ruined my favorite build again? im currently on a  ranger/helwalker though. so is a waste of time if pump points onto my ghostheart companion?

Resilient Companion is useful if you want your pet to offtank. The damage talents are kind of a waste since the base damage and attack speed are so bad. Protective Companion is necessary to get Stalker's Link which is worth 2 talents IMO. It's also bugged and seems to always provide +10 acc whether you're attacking your pet's target or otherwise. It also works with spells and abilities in AoE. My Ranger/Wizard Maia makes great use of it.


If you really have nothing you want to spend points on then Vicious Companion is the best of the companion damage talents, since it boosts penetration. Still, the damage boost you'd get compared to what your character/party can output with good items is a drop in the ocean.

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