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[BUG] Aldris Blade of Captain Crow



Weapon description states:


Storm Blade: Deals +10 Shock damage to Target on Critical Hit

+15% Damage as Shock



- First of all it's unclear from the description whether the 15% is applied only on critical hits or all hits. In testing though the 15% is applied to graze/hit/crit. I think this is intended, just written in unclear language

- As of current build ( the +10 Shock damage is not being applied on Crits




This is a great weapon but would be greater if it worked as intended :)


Apologies if this has been brought up before but a forum search of the weapon name didn't bring up any reports although I'm sure others have noticed this

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I just want to report that Storm blade still doesn't work according to description. It doesn't add 10 shock damage on Crit. Rather, it seems to add another ~10% shock damage which amounts to 3-4 damage in most cases. This damage isn't even shown in combat log, you can only see it added to the red damage numbers.

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